Our Mission

is to provide
Wisdom Against the World.

We provide this wisdom through a foundational classical curriculum that includes six subjects in one:

Civic Responsibility
Advanced Writing
Advanced Reading

But our Vision is much, much more.

To “Fathom the Good” is to truly flourish, to reignite in children, and in their families, the question of what is most essential to restoring moral goodness in the world. Our vision inspires in children a fulfilling life of work, love and learning that goes beyond the shallow, dangerous ideas that dominate today’s thinking. Ideas severed from the “Good” (such as freedom as radical self-expression or equality as aforced, artificial equity), do not enable societies to flourish but to fall into despair and chaos.

The Fathom the Good curriculum provides good philosophy to antidote the bad philosophy of the world. It is what your child needs for a better tomorrow.