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why wait to teach timeless truth?

Why wait until children are grown before introducing them to the best ideas? In a world where children risk being radically indoctrinated, it is never too early — and never too late — to engage even the youngest minds with the best ideas and the greatest thinkers.

Fathom the Good offers a unique line of historically reflective children’s storybooks about the lives and ideas of philosophers and thinkers, including Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Cicero, Machiavelli, Descartes, Madison, Tocqueville, and Lincoln, to name a few. If the boy Socrates just wanted to know, why shouldn’t we? Help your child embark on a great adventure of learning and inspire them with the best ideas with Fathom the Good storybooks.

Socrates JUST Wants To Know

Socrates is a curious boy who asks a lot of questions. Children are like that, and it is a wonderful thing!

Have you ever wondered why it rains or how crickets jump? Have you ever wondered who you can trust as a friend and who you cannot? Most importantly, have you ever wondered what it means to be a good person and how you can become one? These are some of the things that Socrates wants to know!

Because Socrates asks good questions, he learns many things as he grows up. He is a good teacher and helps others become good people, too. But some powerful people lie about him and accuse him of things he did not do. Was it right for them to accuse Socrates for helping others? Do you think he should have helped others anyway?

Socrates Just Wants to Know is an adventure in learning for the whole family. Follow Socrates throughout his life and discover why asking questions and pursuing truth matters.

“I wish there was a Fathom the Good program available when I was in high school. I have loved sitting by my daughter as we learn together about the origins and development of the Western Philosophical Tradition, the ideas of great thinkers, and how these ideas helped form our Constitutional Republic."

Rozelle Hansen

Homeschool Mom

“Fathom the Good has been the best homeschool curriculum I have ever done. Coming from someone who hates writing and avoids it like the plague, I was surprised by how approachable and unintimidating the course is. I love that it is incremental, building on skills and knowledge, and teaches you how to think, not what to think.”


Age 17

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