Courses for Adults

Discover good Philosophy 


Good philosophy is not just for children. Adults also must navigate a radical world. Fathom provides the only political philosophy curriculum that makes Good philosophy accessible to busy adults. Our curriculum gives adults of every educational background the resources to effectively engage in meaningful discussions and to confidently defend faith and moral traditions.

Original Text 

Professor Hancock's Original Text guides busy adults through the writings of great thinkers. Students achieve a high degree of philosophical understanding regardless of prior educational experience. This Original Text shows just how philosophy is a friend to faith, an indispensable source of insight that lends confidence as you strive to defend the faith and moral traditions that underlie the American Founding. 

Primary Sources

Now, more than ever, Americans need to understand and become part of “The Great Conversation,” the foundation of our Western political, philosophical, and religious traditions. Our Primary Sources draw directly upon the writings of the great thinkers who participated in this conversation. Learn how Alexis de Tocqueville, John Locke, Thomas Hobbes, Machiavelli, Aristotle, Plato, Socrates, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, Alexander Hamilton, John Jay, James Madison, Edmund Burke, John Stuart Mill, Rene Descartes, G.K. Chesterton, Seymour Lipset, C.S. Lewis, Irving Kristol, and Allan Bloom, to name a few, have guided our philosophical understanding.


reasoning tools 

Many adults lack the real critical thinking skills necessary to analyze and synthesize the philosophical text that the American Founding was built upon. Public and even private education rarely teach these skills. This puts the cause of real liberty and justice and the moral traditions behind them at a distinct disadvantage. 

Fathom provides the same Reasoning Tools found in the Course for Teens but in abbreviated form to accommodate busy schedules. Students master the reading, writing, and discussion skills they need to understand and truly appreciate the philosophical ideas underlying the American Founding and Western moral tradition. In a world that has lost its way, nothing can be more worthwhile than knowing the sources of our liberty and defending them with confidence.

mentoring videos

 Our five-minute animated Mentoring Videos provide visual explanations of philosophical concepts to enhance the learning process. These videos accompany each section in the unit and provide another layer of learning.

Podcasts for Parents

Our thirty minute Podcasts for Parents accompanying each section streamline the material covered by summarizing the lessons and providing additional, relevant insights.

Family Discussion Guide

Our Family Discussion Guide is a quick go-to resource for parents, grandparents, and other adults who want to guide children of all ages in meaningful conversations about things that really matter. The best way to help a child navigate a radical world is to engage them in age-appropriate conversations that will expand their understanding and instill confidence before they leave the home! 

Socratic Discussion Guide (optional)

Our Socratic Discussion Guide is a valuable resource for reading groups, couples' discussions, and any other like-minded discussion group. The guide summarizes the material covered in the section and provides nuanced questions to help participants apply their knowledge with greater insight and respect.

Critical Thinking instead of Indoctrination 

Many today are concerned with the radical indoctrination prevalent in our nation. How is it possible to learn about religion, philosophy, history, literature, and even math and science, when we are fed a diet of alphabet soup in the form of ideologies such as CRT (critical race theory), SEL (social emotional learning), and a variety of radical and degenerate sexual creeds? Now, more than ever, Americans need Good philosophy. They need to be educated, to learn how to think clearly, and to reason with discernment.

Our adult curriculum has accomplished what might previously have been considered impossible, namely, to make thinking at the highest level accessible to adults of any educational background. Stretch your mind and learn to really think with the Fathom curriculum.

“I wish there was a Fathom the Good program available when I was in high school. I have loved sitting by my daughter as we learn together about the origins and development of the Western Philosophical Tradition, the ideas of great thinkers, and how these ideas helped form our Constitutional Republic."

Rozelle Hansen

Homeschool Mom

“Fathom the Good has been the best homeschool curriculum I have ever done. Coming from someone who hates writing and avoids it like the plague, I was surprised by how approachable and unintimidating the course is. I love that it is incremental, building on skills and knowledge, and teaches you how to think, not what to think.”


Age 17