What Can Fathom Do for Your Child?

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What is Fathom the Good?

We Give Children Wisdom Against the World.

Children are our future, yet the world deprives them of much needed wisdom from the past. Fathom opens the heart and mind of the child to the wisdom they need to see clearly amid the world’s confusion.

Grounded in the Western philosophical tradition, including the American Founding, Fathom goes to the heart of the human condition. Our classical online high school curriculum includes history, philosophy, and civic responsibility as well as advanced reading, advanced writing, and debate.

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How Do We Do It?

Fathom the Good’s Unique Approach

We Create Confident Thinkers

Social media has taught children to think in soundbites. For young people to deliberate thoughtfully, they first must develop skills of critical thinking.

We use Original Text to get to the heart of the human condition. Our Reasoning Tools develop reading, writing, and debating skills at a college level. And our Mentoring Videos provide enriching insight regarding challenging topics.

As skills and natural interest develop, students independently approach increasingly complex texts and more probing questions.

And as knowledge increases, so, too does the child’s confidence in the Good of God’s creation and in their own divine purposes.

Creating Critical Thinkers
Creating Confident Children

We Create Confident Families

Fathom’s approach to education involves the whole family. Our Podcasts for Parents provide busy parents with a general understanding and additional insights regarding what their children are learning.

And our Family Discussion Guide assists parents in initiating meaningful conversations in the home with children of all ages.

We Create Clarity Amid Confusion

Fathom accomplishes this high level of historic and philosophical understanding in the high school years by exposing students to the Wisdom from the Past. With access to the Great Thinkers, students use reading, writing, and debating skills to build their understanding, then confidence. Join us as we provide the kind of education that will prepare your child for a brighter tomorrow.

Creating Clarity Amid Confusion
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