Resist Radical Ideas with Timeless Truth

Our courses teach Good Philosophy to children and adults. These are the best ideas underlying our Western philosophical tradition with an emphasis on the American Founding. We provide the knowledge families and communities need to navigate a radical world.

Our Unique Approach

Children are our future, yet the world deprives them of much-needed wisdom from the past. See how Fathom opens the heart and mind of the child to the wisdom they need to flourish amid the tumult .


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How to navigate a Radical World

Obsessions with identity, race, gender, and sexual orientation have overtaken America, and our future hangs in the balance. 

Fathom the Good is uniquely designed to address this problem of radicalization. We distinguish between the Good Philosophy behind the American Founding from today’s postmodern confusion.

Good Philosophy, developed out of the Socratic tradition of political philosophy, revived what is known as the question of the Good. This is a question of higher human purposes. When enriched by Biblical religion, the question of the Good becomes the essence of our freedom and moral agency. It is what Socrates would have called the "good of the soul."

When guided by the good of the soul, children and adults learn to think in clear, constructive ways according to true morality and common sense.

Viewing the human condition with knowledge of the Good will transform America from the inside out.

What Is Wisdom Against the World?

  • Confident Teens

  • Confident Adults

  • Confident Children

We Create Confident Teens

Social media has taught young people to think in soundbites. But to think clearly amid the chaos, young people must learn to think in truly critical ways.

Fathom the Good uses Primary Sources from the Great Thinkers, as well as Professor Hancock’s Original Text, to help young minds to critically consider the human condition. Our Reasoning Tools develop reading, writing, and discussion skills to accomplish a high degree of understanding. And our animated Mentoring Videos provide enriching content for further insight.

We teach Good Philosophy so reason once again can be a friend to faith— because as knowledge increases, so, too, does one's confidence in the Good of God’s creation and in our own divine purposes.

“In an era when civic and moral confusion, this educational curriculum is bound to open eyes and lift up souls. Their curriculum is accessible, thoughtful, and inviting, and utterly free from fashionable but corrupting ideas. Bravo!”

Daniel J. Mahoney

Senior Fellow at the Claremont Institute

author of The Statesman as Thinker: Portraits of Greatness, Courage, and Moderation (Encounter Books, 2022).

"What is the most important thing we can teach to prepare our youth to lead us into the future? Correct principles based on God's laws. Teach them that there is a right and wrong, a good and evil, and help them recognize the good through critical thinking. Fathom the Good teaches these vital skills."

Jen Cloward

Homeschool Mother, Youth Mentor of Leadership, Government, and Constitution, and Curriculum Creator

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